Successful party in Inverness Garden

This year CTRAA has been blessed with two sunny and well attended parties. At best, we tend to have one dry and one rainy. The summer party in the vicar’s garden on 14 June was the first in years to be sunny and warm, and the autumn party in Inverness Garden on Sunday 17 September was almost as sunny and warm as last year’s. Slightly cloudy and a bit nippy at first, but within an hour the sun pushed away the clouds and the warmth appeared.

Between 80 and 100 members squeezed into the garden, and were treated to the usual selection of tidbits and good wine. There were, as a pleasant surprise, many new faces at the party; some old members who haven’t attended for years, aswell as some newly arrived neighbours.

Guests of honour were our newly elected MP for Kensington, Emma Dent Coad, and two of our ward councillors: Robert Freeman and Catherine Faulks.

Emma, who couldn’t attend the summer party as it happened the day after the terrible Grenfell fire, addressed our members, as did Robert, who asked for support for Da Maria, the little restaurant next door to the Gate Cinema, as it is under threat. See separate article for more information.

This year the food was generously paid for by Strutt & Parker, while Tuggy Mayer’s Huntsworth Wine as always supplied the very nice wine at cost.